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10 Best Website Hosting Companies (Ranked in 2020)

In this post, we are going to Review the Best Website Hosting Companies of 2020.

I’ll be reviewing and ranking them based on their performance. You can use the table below to get the best deal at the time.

Which are the Best Website Hosting Company in 2020?

Name Ratings Price Starts at Deal
Bluehost 9.9  $3.95/Month 50% Off
Dreamhost 9.8 $2.59/Month 63% Off
A2Hosting 9.8  $2.99/Month 66% Off
Greengeeks 9.7 $2.95/Month  71% Off
WP Engine 9.7  $25/Month 2 Months FREE
WpX Hosting 9.6 $20.83/Month  Save $49.89
Kinsta 9.6 $30/Month  $60 Off
Hostinger 9.5 $0.99/Month  90% Off
Cloudways 9.5 $10/Month  Start FREE
Hostgator 9.4  $2.75/Month Best Price

1. Bluehost

Bluehost Hosting Homepage

Bluehost is the #1 best website hosting company that was founded in 2003 i.e. 17 years ago. It was founded by the Endurance International Group. It is now collectively hosting more than two million domains. You can vivid hosting solutions including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and professional marketing services. They are one of the 20 largest web hosts. 

Key Features

Since the company is old and trustworthy. They offers some amazing features and benefits to their users, such as: 

  • Plans

They have various plans and packages which are affordable. You can go for a basic plan if you want to host only one website. It starts at $2.95 and if you pick this package for three years then you will get a domain free. If you want to host multiple websites then you can go for the ‘plus’ package. Also, they have a choice plus package which has features of guard and backup pro. 

  • Uptime

It has a very good Uptime which every blogger looks for. There is rarely a downtime. Otherwise, it completely depends on you, how you design your website. 

  • Caching 

It has an in-built caching feature. So, there is no thought of using a third party site for clearing cache. It has options in cache clearing such as aggressive, normal, advance, and many more. Which is the best feature. 

  • Cash back Guarantee

They have offers for new users, who are newly hosting the site and as well as old or experienced users. They will offer a refund to you if you are unsatisfied with their service. Bluehost offers 30 days cash back warranty after signing up. 


We recommend you to go with Bluehost. They have very good features such as really good Uptime, caching features, various affordable plans, and cash back. They are old and trusted by many bloggers. Only drawback is the customer support though they have live chat, email, and telephone but it is a bit slow. But, you can’t deny its best feature for one drawback. 

2. Dreamhost

Dreamhost Hosting Homepage

Dreamhost will be completing its two decades in the web hosting industry now. They have 400,000+ customers and 750,000+ WordPress installation throughout the world. They have customers of more than 100 countries. Dreamhost offer some amazing quality services to their customers.

In my opinion, it’s another best website hosting company that comes along the most affordable plans and tons of Premium Features.

Key Features

They have some mind-blowing features providing for their users to make it smooth and easy hosting.

  • Decent loading speed

Dreamhost sites have decent loading speed that every user looks for. Though they don’t have the fastest loading speed but enough speed that every user looks into. That has an average speed of 740 ms. This is really a good speed but competitors have more speed than this.

  • High Uptime

Dreamhost manages to maintain an average Uptime of 99.93% every year. Which is a good thing. According to the terms and conditions of Dreamhost, they guarantee you 100% Uptime rates and if they fail to maintain the same then you can claim credit for one day of service.

  • Miscellaneous 

They have so many good features such as cash back guarantee, if you are unsatisfied by their service you can claim for cash back within 30 days of signing up, Dreamhost is environment friendly, they offer users low renewal rates, various plans, and unlimited features.


You can go for Dreamhost, since it has many wide variety of features and few drawbacks. Which every web hosting company has. Dreamhost is one of the top players in the industry but we can say, it has above average features. So, we recommend you to go for Dreamhost web hosting for enjoying their perks.

3. A2hosting

(Best Hosting Solution With Great Performance and Affordable Pricing)
A2Hosting Homepage

A2hosting was founded in 2001 under the name of Iniquinet in Michigan. Later, in 2003 they changed the name into A2hosting. Now, they are almost two decades old. They have good ratings everywhere and all their customers are almost satisfied. You can read reviews on their site. They offer wide domain names and wide hosting servers.

Key Features

You will be curious to read their features and benefits, after reading the introduction. So here they are.

  • Loading speed

One of the features that everyone looks for. A2 hosting has one of the best speeds in the web hosting industry. They have maintained an average speed time of 2.68 seconds. That is cool right? Yes, A2 hosting users have tested in many platforms and have received good average speed.

  • Uptime

A2 hosting has a good Uptime rate. They have managed to maintain the Uptime rate of 99.99% in 2020. Which is a good average Uptime rate that every user looks for. They keep on improving their Uptime rates every year to satisfy their customer needs. 

  • Miscellaneous 

They have many good features such as they have various plans or packages for users with advanced options like staging areas or a server-side caching system. Unlimited bandwidth and storage for above basic plans. They have windows-based hosting  and cash back guarantee. Also, as mentioned above, they have wide hosting servers with different plans for every server.


A new blogger or small and medium sized business, who wants to host sites can go for it. This is the best option for them. Though it has limitations, they are improving themselves every year and their Uptime rates are the greatest example of it. Yes, we recommend for the above users to go for it and it is a very good option for new users to try it. 

4. GreenGeeks

(Nature Friendly Website Hosting Company)
Greengeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks was founded in 2006, it is an USA company which provides web hosting services. They have 40000+ customers and they have hosted more than 500000+ websites. Their main aim is to be eco-friendly. Their name suggest it i.e. GreenGeeks. They have 615000+ KWH replaced per year. 

When it comes to Eco-Friendly Hosting Company, no one can beat GreenGeeks and I can proudly say that it’s the nature friendly best website hosting company.

Key Features

They have some amazing features and benefits such as: 

  • GreenGeeks is 300% environment friendly

They have commited to replace three times the energy that they consume through buying wind energy credits that are credited back to the grid. GreenGeeks is also certified. You will be able to choose badges when you host them. So that you can show your visitor on the site that you’re eco-friendly. 

  • Fast loading speed

Atlast we all want to deliver the satisfying needs to the user. GreenGeeks deliver fast site loading speed to their users. Its average speed is 178 ms. That is a pretty good speed. 

  • Miscellaneous

They have good Uptime which all the web hosting companies deliver, the average Uptime of GreenGeeks is 99.9%. Also, they have unlimited resources, you will get unlimited SSD, web spaces, data transfer, domains, and databases for lowest shared plan. Simple interface and good professional team.


We obviously recommend you to go for GreenGeeks. They provide the best services, you can check more on their site for details. They offer wide plans and cheapest plans with best features. Which will definitely save your money, time and energy. Since they have everything at one place and they have got all you need with the icing on cake objective of being the top eco-friendly company.

5. WP Engine

(Premium Website Hosting Company/ Preferred by Industry Experts)
WP Engine Hosting Homepage

WP Engine was founded in 2010 in Texas. It is one of the leading web hosting companies. It has completed a decade by serving quality services to its users. In 2017, WP Engine has surpassed 70,000 customers. It is improving and developing continuously to satisfy its customer needs.

Key Features

WP Engine’s features and benefits are as follows: 

  • Decent Loading

It delivers decent web page loading compared to other companies. It has been tested and found that the minimum time to respond is 0.51 seconds and maximum of 0.59 seconds in the USA. WP Engine is quite a high time but it is improving to satisfy and attract customers and their needs. 

This company is made for outstanding website performance, and the performance comes with high pricing. So, if your budget allows, you can definitely go with WP Engine’s Best Website Hosting.

  • Plans

WP Engine has quite high plans but you get good traffic on your websites. Their plans begin with $30 per month with good features and visits up to 25,000 per month, Growth plan of $115 per month with traffic of 100,000 per month and last plan of $290 per month with traffic of 400,000 per month. Yes, their plans are high but it gives you good features along with it. Which will make you earn good profit. 

  • Miscellaneous 

They have other features such as providing good and consistent performance, it is well-optimized web hosting for WordPress users, offers good, dedicated, and expert customer support. You can get support for 24×7 via phone, email or live chat. Quick and easy migration, free SSL and performance tracking. 


Plans are quite expensive, it can’t be affordable by everyone. It can be good for large businesses. Though it delivers consistent performance with many good features. It lacks basic necessities such as the Uptime rate and loading speed of web pages. Other than these it is overall good for users who are having large businesses.

6. WpX Hosting

(Favorite Hosting Company of Bloggers and Small Business Owners)
WpX Hosting Homepage

WPX hosting was founded on January 1st, 2013 in Bulgaria. They are comparatively new to web hosting industry. But, they have gained the good strength of customers and it is moving forward with a good pace. It is using 52 technologies for its website. They have gained good traffic and engagement. They are improving themselves according to the customer needs.

This company is preferred by tons of Bloggers and Marketers because of it’s performance and Pricing. If you are looking for the best website hosting company for your blog, then you can definitely go with WPX’s Hosting Plans.

Key Features

They are new in industry and the competition is tough, what made them grow and belong to the top 20 web hosting companies is their features. They are as follows: 

  • Speed loading sites

WpX hosting managed to engage their customer through their services and speed loading site is one of them. It has capability to load sites within 3 seconds or even below 2 seconds. This will definitely impress you to use its service.

  • Uptime rate

WpX hosting has a good Uptime rate and it has managed to maintain them for years. WpX hosting has an Uptime rate of average 99.9%. Which is really a good Uptime rate and this is what users will always look for.

  • Miscellaneous

You will get different perks with different plans and perks such as free migration, free SSL certificates, free backups, and many more. Those are really impressive features. Also, good security or guard which is very important for a user. These were the few best features of WpX hosting, you can find more on their site. 


For a new company like WpX hosting providing such consistent services is hard and WpX hosting has achieved it. If you are willing to try some new web hosting company to host sites then WpX hosting is best for you. Their features and perks are satisfying. You should definitely go for it. 

7. Kinsta

(Premium Website Hosting at Affordable Price)
Kinsta Hosting Homepage

Kinsta was founded in 2013 with the aim to deliver the best service in the web hosting platforms. It delivers the best themes and plugins for WordPress. It has a good number of users and it is trying to improve itself day by day. Kinsta is a new and fast growing web hosting company in the industry. 

Key Features

Kinsta has some good features which will help you to decide to go for it or not. They are as follows:

  • Plans

Yes, like other web hosting companies. Kinsta has different plans and packages. Plans starting from $10 per month. This is a basic level package. Yes, prices are high or expensive. But, Kinsta is capable of delivering that quality of service which will make you feel worth a penny. You will get add-on features with the plans. It is simple, higher the plans, higher the features. 

  • Site Migration 

Kinsta offers free site migration for its users. Just sign up with Kinsta and fill the migration form, Kinsta team will schedule the date and time for you and they will only migrate the site for you. Also, you will face no downtime during migration. Can you imagine? No downtime, as mentioned above it is worth paying. They offer you the best service. So, yes site migration is also the best feature of Kinsta for those who are willing to migrate. 

  • Miscellaneous 

They have a very good support system, they offer you support from WordPress experts. They have a good Uptime rate of 100% in 2019. Which is a very good thing to note. They also maintained decent loading time. They offer their users a custom client dashboard. You can find many more amazing and extraordinary features on Kinsta site. 


It is clear that Kinsta is the best for large businesses and if you’re having small or medium-size businesses and you can afford expensively but quality service then Kinsta is for you. Kinsta is money worthy. Your single penny is valued by Kinsta through serving you with the best services.

8. Hostinger

(Cheapest Website Hosting Company along with Great Features)
Hostinger Review

Hostinger was founded in 2004 as hosting media and then it was changed to Hostinger which became a brand. They provide a wide variety of services such as Web Hosting,Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS, Email, Minecraft Hosting, Windows VPS, WordPress Hosting, Domains. They have more than 29 million users. Date of users show the customer trust on Hostinger.

Key Features

Hostinger a brand with so many users must have amazing features and benefits. They are as follows: 

  • Fast loading speed

Hostinger has fast loading speed. Which is important for every user. A US test site found the average speed of 143 ms. It ranks Hostinger as A + tier hosts. They have really good loading speed in almost every user’s country. Which is the best part of Hostinger.

  • Very good Uptime

They have maintained and even managed to maintain the Uptime rate of 99.9% every year. These are the signs of the best web hosting company that every user looks for. They are also able to deliver 100% Uptime for a few months in a year.

  • Miscellaneous 

They have many extraordinary features such as advance cache manager, different plans for different servers which helps to increase speed, customised dashboard, simple and easy interface, quickest customer support, unlimited bandwidth, SSD, storage, and many more and free domains. This all completely depends on the plan you select. 


Hostinger is one of the best web hosting companies. It is brand new, and we recommend the best for our readers. Hostinger has all the best features needed for attracting a customer. It has a cheap and affordable plan. Anybody can choose Hostinger for hosting the site. It is best and it has the least drawbacks which even don’t matter for many users. 

9. Cloudways

(Best Cloud Based Website Hosting Company for Beginners)
Cloudways Hosting

It can be said that Cloudways is the most recent founded and fastest growing web hosting company. Cloudways was founded in 2002 in Europe. It uses 55 technologies for its website. Cloudways is doing good and improving in its service. It has 46 total active products. It provides decent quality services to its users. Users are less in numbers but it is growing day by day. 

Key Features

Cloudways have brought you amazing and developing features. Since, it is new: 

  • Custom control panel

Cloudways has cPanel control. You can customize the panel of Cloudways though it is modern. you are able to access Servers, Applications, Teams, and Projects. This all can be done once you create an account on Cloudways.

  • Staging and Cloning

Cloudways’s staging is very handy for a user. Deploy the staging area and make the changes. If it looks good then you can push it to your actual website. By this way, you can’t harm your actual website by making changes which can’t be reversed. Cloning is similar to staging. Cloning means making a copy of an original. You can clone servers while making changes or showing it to your clients.

  • Miscellaneous

It has more features including the above that are the best features. Which makes it stand out from other web hosting companies. It has advanced caching which gets its server infrastructure from clouds such as DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. Cloudways has vertical scaling, customer support which works 24×7. It has different plans for different hosting servers. Starting from $10, it is the cheapest plan for Cloudways. Cloudways are easy to use, i.e. it has a simple and easy interface.


Do we recommend you Cloudways? Yes, we recommend it to you. We recommend our readers the best web hosting company. It is completely value for money. It has one click staging for WordPress and free WordPress caching. What is more needed than these? It offers a decent average of Uptime and loading time for sites. Which is every company’s basic goal. Though it has cons but it is improving and developing.

10. Hostgator

(Perfect Alternative for people looking for a Change from their Current Hosting company)
Hostgator Homepage

Hostgator was founded in 2002 and very soon it became one of the biggest hosting companies. It has hosted over more than 8 million domains. They have dense users. It offers different services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting plans. 

Key Features

They have some very good features such as: 

  • Decent Uptime

Hostgator has decent Uptime rates like other competitors of the web hosting industry. It manages to maintain the average Uptime rate of 99.9%. This is again beneficial.

  • Cash back guarantee

Hostgator offers cashback to users like other companies in web hosting industries. The difference between them and Hostgator is the time period. It offers a time period of  45 days refund. Whereas, others do not offer more than 30 days time period. This is really helpful for new users, who are using Hostgator for the very first time. 

  • Miscellaneous

Hostgator has other reliable features such as free migration, flexible billing period, it also has good loading speed, quick customer support. It also has different plans for different hosting servers. Also, they offer different packages such as Hatchling, Baby, and business. You can buy other add-on features in future to enjoy. These are some of Hostgator’s best features.


Hostgator is best for small and medium-size businesses. If you are a solo blogger, it will be helpful for you. Its plans are affordable. So, people who are not willing to spend too much money can go for it. Yes, we recommend you Hostgator. It has all the features like other companies. What makes it stand out is its money back time period. 

So, these were some of my favorite picks of the best website hosting companies. If you are till confused to choose the best hosting for your website then I would suggest you to go with Bluehost or Dreamhost because both of them are easy to use and beginner friendly along with their Affordable Plans.

No matter if you are planning to setup a Business Website or a Personal Blog, you can go with any one company.

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