I bough a Domain Name Now What

I bought A Domain Name Now What? 5 Ways to Make Money

Hey Vansh, I bought a Domain Name now what should I Do? Is this your Question?

If Yes, then make sure you stay till the end because this post will help you in taking the best decision with your domain name. 

First of all, I want to congratulate you on buying a domain name. Because It is the first step of building some real business online. In this post, you will explore 5 Businesses that you can start with your first domain name. 

All the ideas are tried and tested by a lot of industry experts, and the returns are much more than your investments. 


Yes! A domain name that hardly costs you $5 or $10 for a whole year has the potential to make hundreds and even thousands of Dollars with the least work and Powerful Strategies.

A domain name can be sold for Thousands of Dollars, you can see the Godaddy Auction Where the price goes as far as $27,000 for a single .com domain name. 

Godaddy Expired Domain Name Auction
Godaddy Expired Domain Auction

I Bought a Domain Name Now What?

Now, We’ll solve your question, “I bought A Domain Name Now What.

1. Start a Blog

One of the best things you can do with your domain name is Starting a Blog. Yes, It’s one of the most Profitable Online Business. The world’s top bloggers are making more than $200,000 with a single Blog. In fact, this website (vanshmalhotra.com) is my personal blog where I share my experience with Digital Marketing and Building Online Businesses. 

Vansh Malhotra Homepage
Vansh Malhotra Homepage

As far as I have seen, blogging is the most profitable and easy online business that even beginners can start. 

Below is the list of 5 things you need to start a blog. 

  • Domain- (You already have)
  • Hosting – (Dreamhost Recommended)
  • Niche- (Topic of your blog, based out of your Interest, Passion, and Profitability)
  • WordPress- (Largest Content Management System, One Click Install with Dreamhost)
  • Content- (Publish Guides, Informational content, Updates, etc.)

Here is How you can Start your First Blog.

– Get the Best WordPress Hosting

Dreamhost Website Hosting
Dreamhost Website Hosting

As per my recommendation, you can start with Dreamhost. It is the cheapest, powerful, and the oldest Hosting Company that lets you host a website for just $2.59/Month. Yes, that’s less than the cost of a cup of Coffee.

1. Visit Dreamhost Hosting
2. Get WordPress Basic Hosting
Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Plans
Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Plans

The WordPress Basic Hosting will cost you just $2.59/Month. And it will let you host One Website with Unlimited Storage. You can drive unlimited Traffic without any Hindrance in the Performance.

– Enter Your Domain Name

Once, you click on the Sign Up. It will take you to the next window where you will choose I already have a domain name.

Choose Domain Name
Choose Domain Name
3. Make Payment
Dreamhost Payment
Dreamhost Payment

For 3 Years, you will have to pay $93.24, that’s just $2.59/Month. You can also buy the hosting for 1 Year but the price would go up to $3.95/Month.

– Install WordPress

Once you reach your Hosting Dashboard, you have to install WordPress. WordPress is the world’s largest Content Management System that you build websites easily. It currently has more than 20+ Billion Active Users.

You can also refer to this In-depth Guide on How to Start a Blog to understand the whole concept of blogging in depth. 

2. Create a Dropshipping Website

If not Blogging, then you can go with Dropshipping. It is another profitable online business idea which can help you make money just by sitting at the comfort of your home.

For those of you, who don’t know what Dropshipping is.

According to Oberlo, Dropshipping is a business model that you can use to run your store without ever holding any inventory.

In simple words, you create an online store where you drive traffic and generate sales. And the orders are directly sent to the Supplier or the Dealer, and then they deliver it to the customer. Dropshipping works great because it doesn’t want you to care about Inventory, returns, and other e-commerce problems. All that you have to do is manage your store and drive sales.

To start Dropshipping with your First Domain Name, I would suggest you to go with Shopify. It is world’s best platform to start and scale a Dropshipping Business Online.

Here is a step-by-step guide to start dropshipping.

– Create a Shopify Account

Shopify Homepage
Shopify Homepage

The First Step is to Create a Trial Account on Shopify. You can directly click here to Create an Account.

– Enter Account Information

Shopify Store Information
Shopify Store Information

Here, you can enter all the required information that will help you in building your own store smoothly.

– Setup your Own Domain Name

Shopify Account Dashboard - Setup Domain Name
Shopify Account Dashboard

The next step is to reach your Shopify’s Dashboard. On the Online Store section (In the Left), you can see the Domain Name Option. Here you will choose “Connect Existing Domain“. Now, you can connect your domain name and run a Dropshipping Store at the ease.

Below, I am attaching some of the best Dropshipping Resources that will help you in starting your journey.

3. Showcase your Portfolio

Do you have a skill or running a business? If yes, then a website is a Must. Yes, A website is one of the best ways to showcase your portfolio to the most suitable clients. It not only generates inbound sales but also opens tons of new gates of getting clients for free.

A website for portfolio works great if you are into the following businesses:

  • Photography
  • Real Estate
  • Agency
  • Looking for a job
  • Designer
  • Interior Designer

And tons of other businesses and skills. 

You can create your own website that will have all your work and experiences. 

Matt Mason Photography
Credit: Matt Mason Photography

Here is an example From Matt Mason Photography. You can see that he has created a website that has everything about his business. He also has all the important pages like Services, Portfolio, About, Contact, etc. This way he shares his work with the audience and gets clients.

A portfolio website not only grows your customer base but also help in building brand in the market. A website let’s you build authority among your competitors.

BONUS: Always add Important pages like Services (Where you list down the services you offer), About (Where you share your story and experience), and Contact (Where your potential clients can easily contact you). 

4. Sell Your Domain Name in Auction

Selling your domain name is the easiest way to make money fast. Just look at the screenshots from Sedo,

Buy Sedo Domain Name
Buy Sedo Domain Name

and Flippa.

Flippa Buy Domain Name
Flippa Buy Domain Name

These domain names are for sale and you can see that the price goes from $1 to $300,000.


Domain Selling is a Huge Business in itself. You can make huge money just by listing your domain name for auction. You can list your domain name on websites like.

  • Flippa
  • Sedo
  • Godaddy

Here you can easily find your potential buyer, who is willing to buy domain names. One and the only thing that matters before you actually sell a Domain name is that it should be “Brandable”. Now, What do I mean by Brandable Domain Name?

I have seen people buying domain name like, “alexjones2020.com” or even “i-love-you-1020.net“, All these domain names are Complete waste. You must buy a domain that has some intention. For example, you are in to Fashion niche, So the domain name must be something relevant to Fashion.

You can use a Free Tool called Instant Domain Search, it will help you find some niche relevant domain name.

5. Create and Sell Websites

Their are tons of marketplaces where you can sell starter or basic websites. What does that mean but? People who don’t want to spend time in setting up and designing websites, buy directly from marketplaces.

You can grab this opportunity of creating easy dummy websites and sell it for profit.

One of the best places to start selling scratch websites is Flippa. You can list your website from $10 to no limit. This is a repeatable process, you can continuously create and sell pre-designed websites for profit.

Buy Sell Dummy Websites
Buy Sell Dummy Websites

In fact, one of my fellow blogger Akshay Hallur sold his niche site for $11,000 and recorded the whole case study here.

This was it from my side. I hope I would have helped you in taking the best decision. Also, I hope your query of “I bought a domain name now what” would have solved.

If you are still confused, then I would highly recommend you to Start a WordPress Blog because it’s going to be the best option for you.

You can check out this blog post and learn more about blogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought a Domain Name, Now What?

It’s really great if you have already bought a domain name. Now, it’s time to make the real use of a Domain Name. You have various options like Starting a Blog, Creating a Dropshipping Business, Creating and Selling Websites, Selling Domain Names Directly, Building a Business Website. You can read my post to understand the topic in depth.

How to make money with a Domain Name?

One of the best way to make money with a domain name is to Sell directly in the domain marketplace. You can choose Godaddy Auction, Sedo, Flippa, etc to sell domain names.

How to Choose the best domain name?

The first and the foremost things you need to know before buying a domain name is that it should be Brandable. It must make some sense to the niche. Also, make sure you avoid numbers and Hyphens in the domain.

What is the best place to buy a domain name?

You can go with any of the domain marketplace like Godaddy, Namecheap, Sedo, etc. All these offer domain name at good prices based on the tlds you choose.

Should I get a Domain Name on my Name?

Yes, you can get a domain name on your name. In fact my blog is named on my own name, i.e, Vansh Malhotra. It will help you in building your personal brand.

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